Do you have elderly parents? Are you finding it more difficult to take care of them as they get older? If you're a caregiver for your elderly parent in your home, here are some products to make life easier for both of you: 

Eating: There are a variety of eating aids from places like YOUCAN TOOCAN, Inc. that will make mealtime less challenging for everyone. Some dining implements are available with large, comfortable grips, while other styles offer handles that can be bent to accommodate the holder's grip. If your parent is unable to grasp items at all, there are eating aids with straps that fasten to your existing flatware and slip over the user's hand. Plate guards are another handy eating aid. These fasten to plates and create high walls that allow the user to get more food on their utensil and less on the table. 

Bathing: Converting a standard tub into one with a walk-in door can help avoid slips and falls by avoiding the necessity of stepping over a high tub wall and onto a slippery tub bottom. Completely removing the tub and replacing it with a shower stall could also improve your parent's safety in the bath, for the same reason. However, if these options are not within your budget, there are several products that can help. A stall built for the shower can allow washing without having to stand for extended periods. A bath transfer bench with a sliding seat allows a person to transfer into the tub without having to stand up and step over its walls. A rolling shower chair allows a person with limited mobility to be moved in and out of a shower stall without having to stand. 

Drinking: Avoid referring to your parent's drinking aids with inappropriate names. Your parent will feel less dignified if people around them refer to their adaptive devices with names suited for children's products. Select a cup with a color that suits their tastes. Give the cup its own nickname to prevent people from accidentally referring to it as a sippy cup. If your parent is not able to tilt their head back, select a cup with a cut-out area for the nose. This allows the user to drink without having to tilt their head.

Toileting: There are several products can help your elderly parent keep their privacy during necessary bodily functions. Safety frames mounted around the toilet can help with sitting and standing and eliminate the need for outside assistance. Attaching a bidet to an existing toilet will help with personal cleaning. A separate commode or toilet chair can be placed in their bedroom so they don't have to worry about making it to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Safety: When adapting your home for your parent, consider their present and future safety needs. If their balance is faltering, add ramps over every step so that they can become acclimated to using them before they are necessary. If your parent's hearing is lessening, install smoke alarms with blinking lights so that they don't worry about sleeping through a sounding alarm. In areas where your parents may need to be steadied, such as hallways or bathrooms, install railings to help them avoid a fall.