Did having a stroke leave you without full use of one or more of your limbs? If you struggle with taking care of yourself without having to call family to assist, you may want to hire a home health nurse to help you out.

In this article, you will learn how a home health nurse can help you cope after stroke paralysis and how much it costs to hire one when living on a small budget.

How Can a Home Health Nurse Help Cope After Stroke Paralysis?

One of the things a home health care nurse can do to help you cope with your daily needs is monitor your blood pressure levels. It is important for your blood pressure to remain at a safe level to minimize your risk of having another stroke, especially if high blood pressure was the cause of the stroke in the first place. Upon each visit to your home, your blood pressure, heartbeat rate and other vitals will be checked to make sure you don't need an appointment with your physician.

Another way a home health nurse can help is by exercising and massaging the limbs that were affected by the stroke. It is important for the limbs to be manipulated to keep blood circulating as it should, because it can help with the recovery process if the condition is only temporary. A few of the other services you may receive include transportation to doctor's appointments, light cooking, running errands and help bathing.

How Can a Home Health Nurse be Hired on a Small Budget?

The best way to hire a home health nurse on a small budget is to see if you qualify for Medicaid. The insurance coverage can lead to you not having to pay any money out of your own pocket, depending on your income.

Apply for the benefits at a state social services office, along with evidence of your income and records of your stroke. Take someone with you to apply if you need assistance with filling out the forms due to limited use of your limbs.

Stroke paralysis is a health condition that can change how independent you are, leaving you dependent upon other people to get things done. You don't have to call family and friends all of the time for help if you don't want to. Hire a home health nurse to help you out around your home and make sure you are healthy.

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