When parents grow old and start to have issues with their health, it is not at all uncommon for their children to feel that they should take on the responsibility of caring for them on their own. While it is out of respect and love, taking on this kind of responsibility is not always the most logical decision. There are five situations in which hiring professional in-home care may be the better choice.

1. Extreme Health Issues are Present

If your elderly parent has severe medical issues, taking on the responsibility of their care all on your own can be overwhelming and more difficult than what you might first presume. Medical issues can mean around the clock care in all aspects of day-to-day life. In some cases, this kind of care can require several people to achieve properly and could easily wear down someone who is trying to do so on their own. Furthermore, professional medical attention may be required for the overall safety of your parent.

2. Dementia or Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Your elderly parent is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's, and it is easy to assume that when it comes to health concerns, this will be the lesser evil. However, this is more than just the tendency to forget familiar faces or otherwise normal routines. Disorders of the mind can be more trying than even the worst medical issues because they are emotionally difficult to handle all the time. 

3. You Have Small Children

As much as you feel responsible for your parents' care, when you have your own small children to be concerned about it is not always feasible to take on their care all on your own. Not only do you already have enough on your plate to handle, small children can be unnerving for some elderly patients. While a few hours here and there will not make a lot of difference, all day every day in a house with both small children and an elderly loved one can be too much to handle.

When your parent grows older and their health is not that great, there is no need to carry the burden on your own. Professional in-home care agents can provide quality care that still allows you to be in charge, but you will not have to take on the full responsibility. Talk to a service like MultiCare Home Health to find out how they can help you.