As you watch the ones who loved and raised you struggle to perform basic tasks of self care, you may resort to denial. It can be difficult to let go and realize that your parents are no longer young, strong, and independent, and that they may require more help than you can provide. Below are three senior care options available for your aging parents.

Option #1 – Home Health Aide

The services of a home health aide can give your parents just the right amount of support for them to continue to live independently while staying healthy and safe. If your parents are still relatively healthy, a home health aide can offer care services for the fraction of the cost of a nursing home or assisted living center. When you hire a home health aide, you enable your parents to stay in the comfort of their own home for as long as it is safe to do so.

Option #2 – Assisted Living

When your parents require more services than a home health aide can provide, assisted living facilities can be a great choice. With so many living options available, from condos to apartments to dorm-style rooming, your parents can choose the place they will feel most comfortable. Services provided do vary among assisted living facilities, but the majority offer light housekeeping and laundry services at the very least.

Assisted living facilities can offer as much help as your parents need, while still maintaining autonomy and privacy.  If a full-time nurse, medication management, and dressing and bathing assistance sound like just the right amount of care, consider an assisted living facility.

Option #3 – Nursing Homes

When the needs of one or both parents exceed the level of care that an assisted living facility can provide, consider the transition to a skilled nursing facility. There are so many options when it comes time to choosing the right nursing home, and some nursing homes even specialize and care for those individuals with certain conditions, such as Alzheimer's. The right nursing home will provide comprehensive medical services to your aging loved one, as well as a social outlet.

It can be difficult to watch your parents age, and the aging process can be much more difficult on them without the proper care services in place. There are senior care options for every stage in the aging process, and knowing that your loved one is cared for can bring you an immense peace of mind. When your parent needs more help than you require, consider one of the three options mentioned above.