When a person develops a chemical dependency (a drug or alcohol addiction), they more than likely are not experts in dealing with addiction or addiction treatment options. However, in order to successfully overcome the addiction they have developed, that person will need to quickly become aware of the options available to them. Detox is the first significant step a person will take when they begin addiction treatment. As such, it is important to start out that process right with medical detox. Get to know more about medical detox and why it is the right option for your addiction  so that you can be sure you do everything that you can to overcome your addiction. 

How Do People Think of Detox?

Many people think that detox is something you do on your own at home. However, this is probably the worst way that you can attempt to get drugs or alcohol out of your system. First, you have nobody to be accountable to as you try to quit using the drug. That means when withdrawals hit you hard, you can easily give in to cravings and temptation and relapse before you are even done detoxing. 

Additionally, withdrawal symptoms vary and you never know how bad your withdrawals will be. The more severe withdrawal symptoms can include organ failure, seizures, and cardiac arrest (among many others). Because of the medical severity of these withdrawals, being close to medical treatment is prudent when detoxing. But at home, this is not possible. 

How Is Medical Detox Different?

Medical detox is far different from detox at home. First, medical detox occurs in a drug treatment facility. This means you will be surrounded by supportive and compassionate staff that understand addiction and the detox process. They will keep you on track a prevent you from relapsing and will help to monitor your withdrawals. 

Additionally, medical detox offers the supervision of medical doctors who can treat withdrawal symptoms as they occur. They may give you IV fluids to prevent discomfort and dehydration or have to take more aggressive actions if your withdrawals are severe. 

The biggest difference between medical and home detox, though, is the fact that in medical detox you may be able to go through the process slowly instead of all at once. Depending on the substance you are addicted to, doctors may be able to give you prescription drugs that help to reduce withdrawals during detox and help you readjust to being without the substance you are addicted to. 

Now that you know more about medical detox and how it differs from the standard conception of detox, you can see why medical detox is the best option. So, as you get started in your addiction recovery process, be sure that you make medical detox a part of your treatment program. 

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