Laser body sculpting is a procedure that uses lasers to remove or shrink small pockets of fat throughout a person's body so that their appearance is more to their liking. It generally does not result in any pain and the only side effects are some mild bruising right after the procedure that is usually gone by the next day. However, laser body sculpting is not effective for everyone. Check out these characteristics of people for whom laser body sculpting will be effective and see if it is right for you.   

1. People Who Are Not Significantly Overweight

The first factor is that laser body sculpting is meant to remove smaller, isolated pockets of fat, rather than large amounts of fat from all over a person's body. This means that, in order for a person to look the way that they would like after the procedure, they need to not have a ton of fat to start. People who are close to their goal weight, meaning that they are within 15 to 30 pounds of the weight that they would like to be, ideally, will find that the results of a laser sculpting treatment are more pleasing than people who are very overweight.

2. People Who Want to Get Rid of Fat in Specific Areas

People who want to lose fat in specific areas of their body are also more likely to see positive results with laser sculpting surgery. For example, many women have a pouch underneath their stomachs after pregnancy that exercise and a healthy diet cannot seem to budge. This is frustrating for these women because they are doing everything right but cannot get the abdominal pouch to go away. Laser sculpting can help remove this particular area of fat and keep it from coming back. If you want to get rid of fat generally, this is likely not the type of procedure for you.

3. People Who Exercise Regularly and Eat a Healthy Diet

Finally, laser body sculpting will be most effective or people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and maintain their body's weight. This is because it sometimes takes a few weeks for the results of the sculpting process to show up and, if a person gains weight during this time, it might be very difficult to see where the laser body sculpting process was effective.  

For more information, talk to a doctor (such as one from Dr. Robert Fortino Premier Weight Loss Physicians). He or she will be able to tell you if the procedure is right for you.