If you are expecting a child, one of the crucial things you must do before your baby is born is find your pediatrician. They will be the doctor that checks up on your child over the first few days after the birth, and will play an important role in the early part of your child's life to ensure they are in good health. It may seem difficult to select a pediatrician, but these tips will help you narrow it down.

Check The Office Hours

Most doctors are open during normal 9-5 business hours, but kids get sick at all hours of the day. Look into what kind evening and weekend hours the pediatrician offers to ensure that you can make your appointments around work and other obligations.

Do not forget about walk in hours either. A good pediatrician office will have daily availability for walk in appointments to make it easy to see a doctor when your child is sick.

Look For An Evening And Weekend Hotline

Sometimes you do not always need to go to the pediatrician's office, and that is what hotlines are for. Your pediatrician should have a number that you can call to get an answer to any question concerning your child's health. It typically involves leaving a message with a call service, and the doctor will call you back at the earliest opportunity.

Having access to a hotline can save you from making an unnecessary and costly trip to the emergency room.

Inquire About Vaccinations

Some pediatrician offices are taking a strict stance on vaccinations, so make sure to ask about this early. This is because babies are unable to receive all of their vaccinations until they are older, and are not immune to diseases such as measles. If an older child that is not vaccinated gets sick and is in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office, they could be putting young babies in the waiting room at risk of contracting a disease.

It's becoming common for pediatrician's to only accept your child if you plan on vaccinating them. Make sure to select a pediatrician that aligns with your views about vaccinations to avoid any surprises later.

Do Not Be Afraid To Switch Pediatricians

Just because you selected a pediatrician prior to the birth of your child, you are under no obligations to stick with them if you are not happy. You can always switch pediatricians, and should do so if you have doubts about the care your child is receiving.

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