Being pregnant is not easy, which is why expecting mothers can use all the help they can get. Thankfully, there are some services that could be covered by your insurance that you may not be aware of. Check with your insurance provider before you spend your own cash on the following 3 things.

Massage or Chiropractor Visit

It's well known that the female body changes quite a bit during pregnancy, with a hormone called relaxin being partially responsible. It will cause the ligaments, joints, and muscles in your body to become loose, which can lead to some unexpected pains as your body becomes prepared for the delivery of your child.

Thankfully, you may be able to receive some professional help from your health insurance in the form of a massage or chiropractor visit. Check with your insurance company to see if it would be covered, and then speak with your doctor about getting the necessary prescription. Since the pregnancy is what's causing your aches and pains, it makes sense that your insurance covers a procedure that will make you feel better.

Breast Pump

Breast-feeding is not always easy, which is why a breast pump can be crucial to ensure that your baby is getting the milk that they need. Unfortunately, these pumps can be quite costly, and not all mothers can afford them.

Some insurance providers will offer assistance when it comes to getting a breast pump, but the specifics are different for each provider. For example, you may be given a new breast pump that you can keep or a rental unit. Insurance may only cover a less expensive manual pump as opposed to an electric pump. You may also be restricted to not receiving the pump until after you give birth.

Your doctor can pre-authorize the request for a pump to help the process go smoothly, so work with them if you feel like you will need some help with breast-feeding. They can even help point you to a place where you can buy breast pump supplies covered by insurance.

Postpartum Depression Assistance

The leading cause of mothers not seeking out help with postpartum depression is due to the cost. Mental health issues are very real, and you should definitely use your health insurance for assistance if you feel that you have symptoms of postpartum depression. There are support groups that could be partially or completely covered by your insurance to help you get through a difficult time in your life.

By using assistance through your insurance in these 3 ways, it will help ease the financial burden that comes along with pregnancy.