If you are making the transition from male-to-female, or female-to-male, one of the medical treatments that can really help make the transition smoother is hormone therapy.  When the testosterone or estrogen is introduced into the body, it can help to reduce some of the secondary sex characteristics that may be reminding you that haven't fully transitioned yet.  However, as much as you may want hormone therapy, there could be some financial restrictions that make it seem that the procedure is out of reach.  Understand that you do have options.  Use this information to learn about two tips that can help pay for hormone therapy while you are transitioning.

Seek Out A Pro Bono Physician

One of the first things you should do when you need hormone therapy as a transgender individual is seek out a pro bono physician.  These caring medical professionals understand that there is still a great deal of inequality when it comes to the transgender community, so they're willing to do their part to help with the cause.

You can start by calling around to a number of different public and private clinics in your area.  If your search doesn't yield any results, you may even want to reach out to your local legal aid society.  They may have contacts at the community chapter of a transgender association.  The transgender association may then be able to connect you with a physician who is willing to take you on as a patient so you can get hormone therapy no matter what your budget happens to be.

Join A Clinical Study

Another technique you can use to get hormone therapy when you're short on cash is to join a clinical study.  Clinical studies are conducted all of the time for all types of different medical issues.  You may be able to find one that is looking for people who need hormone therapy during their transition.  

One of the best things about attending a clinical trial is that not only will you be getting the therapy that you need, but you'll also be potentially helping other people with the findings that are documented once you begin the treatment.  On top of this, you may even be paid for your participation.

You can use a website such as this one to find clinical trials near you.

Getting hormone therapy doesn't have to be out of your reach.  Start using these tips today, so you can get affordable hormone therapy during your transition.