While a successful orthognathic procedure is extremely important for ensuring a healthy jaw, the post-operation process is just as important. Immediately after surgery, you will endure a slight amount of discomfort that is caused by swelling and bleeding. The more time that you take to properly heal, the quicker the discomfort will go away. In order to heal quickly, it is important to maintain a bacteria-free mouth. A bacterial infection can not only prolong your healing, but it can require an additional operation in order to remove the contaminants. Keeping your mouth clean and free of bacteria can be difficult to accomplish after your oral surgery. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to make sure that you are able to do this.

Change Your Elastics Daily

Your dentist will install small little elastic bands around your teeth and braces that you will have to wear after the operation. These elastic bands are designed to help keep your jaw in alignment following surgery. They may feel excruciatingly tight, but they need to be worn at all times to ensure that your jaw does not drift. Since these bands will be worn often, they will accumulate debris and bacteria. In order to prevent any kind of buildup from forming, this bacteria needs to be removed immediately. This can be done by switching out your elastic bands. Installing new elastic bands daily also ensures that your jaw alignment remains solid since your elastic bands will weaken and loosen throughout the day.

Use a Mouthwash Before Bed

Brushing along your surgical sites can be extremely difficult during the first few days. But, neglecting to clean these areas is one of the quickest ways to invite a bacterial infection. Therefore, it is important to use an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse out your mouth before bed. A strong antibacterial mouthwash will kill off bacteria in areas that are too tender and fragile to clean with a toothbrush. You can create a gentle antibacterial rinse that is still effective from your own home using spearmint. Allow the herb to steep in a small cup of hot water for a few minutes. Add a few drops of lime to the mix and move it throughout your mouth.

Keeping your mouth bacteria-free after your orthognathic surgery should be your main priority. This will help to ensure a smooth recovery. For more information, contact local professionals like David Jackson, DDS