If you work as an obstetrician, you most likely have several new mothers-to-be asking you questions as they anxiously await the birth of their child. Since ultrasound technology will be used several times during each of your patient's visits throughout their pregnancy, it may be beneficial to consider purchasing a portable machine, such as the Sonoscape A6V, to enhance their overall satisfaction in your practice. Here are some reasons why purchasing this piece of equipment will boost your office's ratings, thereby allowing you to collect additional clients as a result.

The Opportunity To Check Growth On The Spot

Many practices require that their patients make a separate appointment for an ultrasound to check on the growth of their baby. While this will still be necessary for longer sessions where exact measurements are tallied, it will be beneficial to do spot checks within the office during routine visits as well. This will allow you to decide if the patient needs to tweak their diet or exercise routine or if there are underlying growth problems you need to address immediately. This will also reassure you that fundal height measurements are on target. For your patients, there is peace of mind that everything is progressing as it should or that they will be able to alter their lifestyle to accommodate the growth of the baby if needed.

Make Emergency Decisions Immediately

Instead of waiting for a lab to send you the results of your patients' results, you have the opportunity to check the progress on your own to help you decide if emergency intervention is necessary. When a woman has a baby who is breech, the possibility to see if it has turned on its own will allow you to schedule her for a cesarean in advance if the baby has not made progress. If there is trouble with the umbilical cord, you will be able to make the call on whether to take the baby sooner than expected without having to wait for a separate, scheduled ultrasound visit to get these results. This is an extreme benefit for patients, as this sneak peek can save a baby's life as a result.

Relieve Patient Anxiety With Frequent Views

When you have a portable ultrasound in your possession, your patients will receive the benefit of seeing their baby a bit more than in other practices. Even a quick peek of the baby to make sure it looks healthy will relieve any anxiety your patients display about their pregnancy in general. When a woman cannot feel her baby move for several hours, this can cause extreme distress. This in turn is bad for the pregnancy. Allowing patients to see their little one will take away this stress. These added viewings will be sure to get your patients talking, perhaps building your customer base as they pass on the word to other pregnant women.