Skin resurfacing is emerging as a popular treatment option for cosmetic patients to request due to the variety of benefits it can provide. Yet, this procedure is still fairly new, and you may need some common concerns about this cosmetic procedure addressed so that you can make an informed choice about receiving this treatment.

Why Would You Want To Undergo Skin Resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing is a procedure that gently removes the top layers of skin. This is most often done with a high-intensity laser that can vaporize the exterior skin layers. By removing these layers of skin, it is possible to reinvigorate your appearance. Additionally, this procedure can be used to correct specific cosmetic concerns, such as scars, acne, and sun spots.

Will Results Be Visible Immediately?

Following the first treatment session, it is common for individuals to rapidly notice benefits from this treatment. However, you may find that additional treatments are also required. This is common for patients with severe wrinkles, scarring, or other problems that impact large areas of skin or that penetrate deep below the top layers. Whether or not you will need to receive multiple treatments can only be determined after you have been evaluated by a physician. These professionals will be able to determine the extent of the skin damage, which will help them to estimate the number of treatments that are going to be needed.

Is Recovering From Skin Resurfacing A Disruptive Process?

While laser skin resurfacing can be an extremely safe and effective procedure, patients will often be leery of undergoing these procedures due to fears of needing to take time away from work or family responsibilities. However, patients will not normally require any downtime for this procedure. In the hours following this procedure, there may be some redness or slight swelling, but these issues can be managed with soothing ointments that are given to patients after these sessions. Additionally, you will want to make sure that you are cleaning the site according to your doctor's instructions so that you minimize the risk of dryness, irritation, or other problems.

Laser resurfacing is a highly effective solution for those that are needing to correct a variety of minor skin problems that can have major cosmetic implications. Knowing the benefits of these procedures along with the fact that it can take several sessions to achieve the correct results and that there is typically no downtime for patients that undergo this procedure will allow you to have more of the insight that you are needing to keep your skin looking as vibrant and youthful as possible.

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