There are a lot of different reasons why you may not be able to take pain medications, but there are other ways that you can treat your chronic pain. If you have been taking pills and you aren't getting the relief that you want, you'll want to see what option treatments may work for your pain. You want to talk with your doctor before trying anything new, and you'll want to ask for a prescription or referral for the following things to aid in your pain.

Topical Pain Treatment

If taking pills isn't for you, topical compounds for chronic pain may be a better option. This is a cream that will be rubbed on your skin and absorbed in the body to give the same pain relief effect that you would get if you took a prescription medication, but you don't have to worry about digesting the pill and some of the other side-effects you may have experienced. This can also sometimes be applied more often than you can take pills, and it delivers faster relief.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment to help relieve some of the pain, and heal the injuries in the body can deliver great results. You should take any image tests you had done with you when you go to the chiropractor, so you can see what all on needs adjusted and what can help. This can be used in addition to the topical treatment that you get from your doctor.

Homeopathic Options

There are foods and herbs that are known to be natural anti-inflammatory or that are known to relieve pain. If you aren't able to take pills and you want to try something that is natural, finding a homeopathic specialist to help treat your pain may be the best choices. Talk with the doctor about your pain, what medications bother you, and what natural options you're willing to try.

You don't want to live every day of your life with pain that you can't tolerate. Instead, find a way to treat the pain without having to take pills if they upset your stomach and cause you a lot of complications. There are alternative options for people that can't swallow or digest pills, and one of these options may end up being the treatment that you've been looking for all this time. Your doctor can help start you on a new treatment plan, and incorporate different things.