If your eardrums were ruptured over the course of several years due to listening to loud music at concerts and other public venues and your audiologist has recommended utilizing hearing aids to restore your hearing, the following tips will assist with selecting hearing aids that you can afford and that you are comfortable wearing.

Ask Specifics About Each Style

Before making a hasty decision concerning the type of hearing aids that you will purchase, ask to view all of the models that are available and inquire about specific features that each one possesses. Some models are discreet and may fit well into your ear canal making them virtually undetectable and other styles may be slightly larger, which may make it easier for you to insert and remove them.

Find out if any of the styles are covered by your insurance and how much you will be responsible for paying. If you are fond of a particular model but cannot afford to pay the whole cost upfront, inquire about a payment plan.

Test A Few Different Pairs 

After narrowing down your options to a few styles of hearing aids that you prefer, your audiologist will insert a thin probe that is connected to a microphone to determine the volume of sound that you currently are able to hear without hearing devices. Afterward, they will insert the hearing aids that you have chosen in each of your ears. After the first set is installed, the audiologist will give you a hearing test to ensure that the aids are operating properly.

Tell the specialist if any of the hearing aids are uncomfortable and voice any other concerns you may have with the aids. Look in a mirror to see if you can see the hearing aids clearly or if they are discreet and hard to detect. If you are a self-conscious person, you may want to purchase hearing aids that are a similar color to your skin or that are smaller than other models. 

Practice Removing And Inserting The Aids And Learn Proper Care

Once you have decided upon a specific pair of hearing aids, you will need to practice removing and inserting them the proper way. Take your time while practicing and don't hesitate to ask the audiologist for help. Ask the audiologist the proper way to store the hearing aids while not being used and how often the batteries need to be charged. After your appointment is over and you head home with your new hearing aids, stay in contact with your audiologist and update them on how you are coping since your hearing has been restored. 

Your audiologist may also be able to help with hearing aid comparisons to give you a better idea of what would be right for you.