If you have an acne condition, then it is wise to treat the disorder in such a way that scars do not develop on the face. Scars are commonly seen with severe acne, but there are a few easy things you can do to stop the scars from developing:

Reduce Inflammation Quickly

Acne scars are caused by the severe inflammation of the facial pores once the pores become infected. Specifically, the inflammation causes tissue damage and this damage builds deep underneath the skin. If you reduce inflammation quickly and as soon as an acne outbreak is noticed, then scars are far less likely to develop. You can minimize the swelling by using a topical cream made with a sulfur compound. 

Sulfur does a few different things to treat the acne. It helps to remove the dried and damaged layers of skin that block and clog the pores and it kills the bacteria that cause the pimple infections and the inflammation in the first place. Since the topical agent does cause the skin to peel or flake off, it can create a dry skin situation. Make sure to use the product only about twice a day and also use a moisturizer to combat dry skin issues. 

If the sulfur does not reduce inflammation quickly, then you can alternate treatments with an application of hydrogen peroxide. Mix up a 50/50 solution of the peroxide and water and dab it on the blemishes. 

Do Not Pick

Many people believe that blemishes will only disappear if the pus is removed, and this is one reason why individuals insist on popping and squeezing pimples. However, this often does more harm than good. The act of squeezing forces bacteria to move deeper into the pimple and underneath the skin. This can exacerbate the condition, cause a new pimple to develop, or it can create a new acne condition.

If the bacteria move deeper into the skin, then the acne condition is likely to continue and scars are far more likely. Also, when the deep bacteria are detected, the immune system identifies the microorganisms and attacks them. This can cause some damage to the healthy tissues near the bacteria. In other words, your immune system will cause some damage that will lead to scarring. 

If you want to reduce redness so your pimple is not nearly as noticeable, then you can use an antibacterial agent like tea tree oil.

If you want to know more about acne and how to treat the skin condition, then contact a dermatologist as soon as possible.