If you suffer from severe insomnia, your doctor may have referred you to a clinic to schedule an overnight sleep study. If so, use the following tips to prepare yourself so you can fall asleep while having the sleep study onsite at the clinic.

Plan a Full Day Before Arriving

When the day of your sleep study arrives, you want to make sure you are tired enough when you arrive to fall asleep. While you may be tempted to take off work and relax before your test, doing so could work against you.

Instead of taking the day off, plan on staying busy the entire day to tire yourself out. If you are scheduled to work, go ahead and keep your schedule. Then, plan on doing something fun and active after work, such as going to the park or taking a long, leisurely walk.

Take Your Creature Comforts with You

Before you leave to go to the sleep clinic, think about what creature comforts you have at home that help you fall asleep. During your sleep study, you want to be as comfortable as possible so you can fall asleep easily and stay asleep as long as possible. Taking a few items from home could help you achieve the level of comfort that you need.

For example, if you have a favorite pillow or blanket, pack it in a bag so you can take it with you to the clinic. Or, if you have a stuffed animal that you always keep on your nightstand or lying next to you in bed, do not forget to pack it. 

Try to Stick to Your Bedtime Routine

Once you have packed your comfort items, think about your normal bedtime routine. If you perform certain actions before you go to bed, try not to deviate from the routine. The things you do before you go to bed signal your brain that it is time to sleep, so you want to do as many of these as possible.

Do you usually wash your face and brush your teeth before you go to bed? Remember to take a washcloth, facial cleanser, and toothbrush. Or, if you normally read before you turn out the lights, take a book with you so you can stick to this bedtime ritual.

Using the above tips can help you fall asleep more easily during your sleep study so that the test can be performed. For more tips on how to prepare yourself, speak with a member of the sleep clinic's staff to get advice regarding your particular test and situation.