Do you have a scar on your body that you are self-conscious about? Or maybe your scar is itchy, painful, or tender, and it's causing you to lose sleep. It's not uncommon for scars to make people feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable. If you have been wondering what to do about your bothersome scar, here are four available treatment options.

1. Dermal Filler Treatment

This type of treatment works best for depressed scars, which are usually caused by skin trauma, such as acne or burns. While dermal filler treatment won't be able to remove the scar, it can greatly improve the appearance of the scar.

You should note that if you choose this type of treatment for your scar, it is only a temporary solution and you will most likely need to go back for maintenance treatment.

2. Dermabrasion

With this type of treatment, the top layer of skin gets resurfaced, giving it a smooth appearance. Types of scars that dermabrasion is used to treat include:

  • Acne scars
  • Pox marks
  • Scars from accidents

If you have fair-colored skin, this type of treatment will work well for your scar. However, if you have darker skin, dermabrasion might cause discoloration.

3. Laser/Light Therapy

If you're concerned about the surrounding skin tissue getting damaged by dermal fillers or dermabrasion, you may want to opt for laser/light therapy. This completely noninvasive way of treating scars stimulates collagen production in the skin with a focused beam of light, which helps to improve the appearance of scars.

While laser/light therapy doesn't completely remove the scar, it does help new skin cells to form and cover up damaged skin cells. Some types of scars that this treatment is used for include acne scars, surgical scars, and scars that happen as a result of getting injured.

4. Chemical Peels

This type of treatment involves a chemical peel that gets placed over the scar. After a short amount of time, the chemical peel is removed and damaged skin gets replaced by new skin that is smoother in appearance. While this is another noninvasive way to treat scars, you will most likely experience a burning or stinging sensation when the chemical peel is applied.

In most cases, chemical peels will have to be repeated for maintenance. Chemical peels are usually used to treat mild to moderate acne scars.

Whether you choose dermal fillers, dermabrasion, laser/light therapy, or a chemical peel, you will notice significant results when trying to improve the appearance of your scar.