A crucial aspect of hearing aid maintenance has to do with earwax. Cerumen is the scientific name for earwax, and it is actually quite beneficial to your body. Cerumen keeps contaminants like dirt and dust from getting in your ear while moisturizing the ear canal. However, too much of a good thing can cause problems. This is especially true in individuals who rely on hearing aids for their hearing.  A build-up of cerumen in your ear or your hearing aid could stifle your hearing. How are you supposed to keep your hearing aids clean when they come in almost constant contact with cerumen? There are several methods.

Hearing Aid Dryers

Cerumen helps to keep your ears moist in an effort to avoid them from drying out and becoming itchy. This is usually a good thing, except for when the cerumen makes your hearing aids moist. Many people have experienced technical issues with their hearing aids due to moisture. Buying a hearing aid dryer can help to keep this moisture where your body needs it most and not where it can cause damage. 

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits are an assembly of rudimentary tools that can help you to get cerumen out of your hearing aids. You may be able to simply wipe it away; other times, you may need to dig it out of small crevices. Cleaning kits are potentially the cheapest way to keep your hearing aids in good shape. 

Replace Filters/ Wax Guards

Most hearing aids come with wax guards, but they may need to be replaced. If you notice that you are experiencing a lot of cerumen debris, it may be time to buy a replacement earwax filter or guard and have it installed. This can be done easily at home, but if you feel unsure of exactly how to do it, you may want to take your hearing aids into your audiologist. They may charge a minimal maintenance fee, but your hearing should greatly improve. 

Failing to keep your hearing aids clean from earwax may result in them breaking or not serving you as well as they could have. Talk to your audiologist if you would like to buy any of the previously mentioned items in order to avoid purchasing the incorrect model for your brand of hearing aid. Cleaning your aids regularly will help you to keep your hearing clear and understandable for months and years to come.