When your furry best friend isn't feeling so well, you will want to get your dog or cat the medication it needs to feel well again. Getting a prescription for the medication and getting your pet to actually take the medication could be two very different things though. Thankfully, it may be possible to get your pet what it needs to be healthy through the use of compounded pet medication. Here's what a compound medication expert can do for your dog, cat, or other pet.

Make It Taste Better

Most human beings don't like the taste of medicine but know how to suck it up and just swallow it down because that's what's needed to get better. Good luck explaining that to your pet though. A pet isn't going to realize that you are just trying to help it and will wonder why its food suddenly tastes so bad. If you can't get your pet interested in eating the medicine, you are going to need some help. A compound pet medication expert can change the flavor of the medication by adding something like tuna or beef flavoring to it. Your pet might suddenly think the medication is actually a new kind of treat.

Make It a Chew or a Liquid

Some pets do well with chew medications and some do not. If you would like your pet's medication to come in a specific form, whether it be a pill, a chew, or a liquid, it's possible that a compounded pet medication expert will be able to take a look at the situation and create a form of medication that is best for your pet's needs.

Make It Sugar-Free

Is your pet getting up there in years and now diabetic? Does your pet have other health problems that have forced it onto a low sugar diet? If so, you might need a special version of your pet's medication to be created without sugar. That way, the medication will actually make your pet better instead of possibly introducing negative side effects from a sugar high.

Make It the Right Dosage for Your Pet's Size

Most pet medication comes in a specific size or specific dose when it's ordered from the manufacturer. But what if you have an especially large dog or an especially small one? Giving the "average" size dose will either be not effective or potentially dangerous depending on the weight of the dog. A compounded pet medication expert can mix up a batch that has just the right dose for your pet's size.

Reach out to a professional who creates compound pet medication to learn more.