When you're thinking about the various infection control products that you can add to your building, you'll likely come up with a long list of things that will keep those who use the building safe. Once this list is complete, it's time to think about how you'll add these products to rooms, hallways, and other spaces throughout your building. One option is to mount them on the wall, provided that you make a point of buying products that come in containers that are designed to do so. There are lots of benefits of mounting your infection control products in this manner, including the following.

They're Easy To Find

One of the biggest advantages of wall-mounted infection control products is that people can learn where their products are and expect to always be able to find them in that location. Other methods may not offer this benefit. For example, if you have a box of protective gowns in a cabinet, someone might remove the box and take it to a different room when needed. When another person attempts to grab a gown from the cabinet, they won't find what they're looking for. This can be a hassle and a health hazard, especially during medical emergencies. When your products are affixed to the wall, they'll remain where you want them and be easy to find.

They're Easy To Dispense

You should also consider the ease with which people can dispense certain infection control products when they're mounted on the wall. Sometimes, an individual will only have one free hand to use for accessing a particular product. For example, if a person needs a pair of latex gloves, it's easy to pull the gloves out of a box that is mounted to the wall. If the same box were sitting on a shelf, the box itself would move when the person pulls at the gloves, making retrieving them difficult.

They Don't Take Up Shelf Space

Depending on what type of facility you operate, you may keep a lot of supplies in storage. Devoting a lot of storage space to your infection control products may pose a challenge. By mounting these products on the wall, you'll be able to free up storage space for other things. Learn more about a wide range of these health and safety products, as well as how you can mount them to your walls, by contacting a medical equipment supply store.