Erectile dysfunction is common in older men, but it doesn't necessarily have to be inevitable. Your doctor may have treatments that can help. Don't hesitate to bring the issue up with your doctor since having an active and enjoyable love life as you age is important for your happiness and quality of life. Here's a look at some lifestyle changes your doctor might recommend and erectile dysfunction treatments that might help.

Lifestyle Changes Your Doctor Might Recommend 

Your erectile dysfunction doctor considers your general health when determining the right way to treat your condition. Since erectile dysfunction is often a complication of heart disease and diabetes, the doctor might recommend getting these conditions under better control.

Things like being sedentary and overweight contribute to poor cardiovascular health and erectile dysfunction. By focusing on improving your health, you might avoid medications and other treatments. However, if you have a medical condition too, lifestyle changes alone may not be enough.

However, your doctor might suggest losing weight, eating a healthier diet, and exercising more to increase blood flow throughout your body. They may also recommend starting healthy sleep habits, stopping smoking, and limiting alcohol. By improving your overall health, you might improve your erectile dysfunction as well.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments You May Need

Your doctor might also recommend medication for your ED. This might be some form of testosterone or prescription medication that improves blood flow to your penis. ED medications can be taken in different ways, such as orally, topically, or as implants. You might even take treatments that you inject in your penis with a small needle or insert in your penis right before you have sex.

Your doctor might even recommend a penis pump that uses a vacuum to draw blood to your penis to get it hard. If none of those treatments work, your doctor might suggest an implant that's inserted surgically. These are inflatable or bendable so you can get an erection when needed.

New medications and procedures are being studied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One erectile dysfunction treatment that shows promise is PRP injections. PRP injections are used to stimulate tissue growth. The injections are used in joints, injured tissues, and as beauty treatments.

The injections may someday become common as an ED treatment that helps tissue growth and blood flow to increase in the penis so you have an easier time getting an erection. Meanwhile, your doctor has a variety of medications and treatments to try so you can have an active and enjoyable love life well into your later years.

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