Colonoscopy is an important procedure for the early detection of colon cancer and the identification of polyps in your colon. If you have reached the age where your doctor is recommending a colonoscopy, you might be hesitant because of the things that you have heard. There are some important facts to learn when you are facing a colonoscopy for the first time.

Colonoscopies are not a painful experience

You might be worried about the discomfort associated with the procedure. Your idea of the colonoscopy might have you feeling like you might experience some pain. The truth is that most people who have a colonoscopy don't remember the procedure at all because of the sedative and feel little to no pain at all after the fact. The camera used for the procedure is so small that there is little reason for any kind of discomfort.

The preparation process is not as difficult as you might think

The preparation process for the colonoscopy includes a drink to help clear out your colon. Sometimes, people worry about the preparation process out of concern that the drink might be difficult to consume due to the volume. The truth is that the volume is more manageable than you might think and the modern solutions used taste better and have a smoother texture than they have in the past. If you had trouble with the older mixtures, or you know anyone who has complained about the older drinks, rest assured that the ones that you get now are vastly different.

You shouldn't wait for symptoms of colon cancer before you schedule a colonoscopy

Remember that a colonoscopy is intended as an early detection measure, so waiting until you show symptoms of colon cancer defeats the purpose. If your doctor recommends that you get a colonoscopy as a preventative measure, make sure that you follow through with that so that any early signs can be addressed. The sooner that you identify the development of polyps, the easier it is to treat the disease.

With so much misinformation surrounding colonoscopy procedures, it's no surprise that so many people hesitate to follow through with the process. Understanding the facts about colonoscopy procedures can help you to appreciate the procedure and the information that it provides. Colon cancer is one of the most treatable conditions when detected early, so talk with your doctor about the best timing for the procedure for your health and well-being.