When you experience prolonged and debilitating depression symptoms, you may need to look beyond talk therapy and the use of prescription antidepressants. You might be open to using a less mainstream but still effective resource to relieve the worst of your daily symptoms.

You might find a medication like ketamine to be more in line with your current mental healthcare needs. You can take advantage of the modern available ketamine treatment options for patients with symptoms like yours.

More Tolerable Side Effects

When you used antidepressants to address your depression, you might have experience side effects from them that made everyday life more challenging. You might have suffered nausea or dry mouth. You also may have experienced a decrease in your libido.

These side effects may have reached a point of you not being able to tolerate them any longer. However, when you consider some of the ketamine treatment options available to you, you may find several that come with fewer side effects like nausea or dry mouth. You may find it easier to tolerate this medication and be able to continue on with your normal everyday life.


Further, you may be eligible for ketamine treatment options that bring you effective relief. The antidepressants you tried in the past may have failed to relieve your worst symptoms. You may have even experienced worse symptoms, such as suicidal ideation, with them.

However, the ketamine treatment options may give you faster and more thorough relief. You may notice an improvement in your mood and more focus in your everyday life. You may once again start to feel like your old self.


Finally, you may be eligible for ketamine treatment options that can be tailored just for your particular mental healthcare needs. You may need more of this medication when you start your treatments. However, as your symptoms change, you may need less of it. Your doctor and nurse may be able to adapt the ketamine treatment options you undergo as you work toward bringing your depression into remission.

Ketamine treatment options may be among your best choices for addressing the worst of your depression symptoms. You might experience fewer if any, side effects from this type of mental healthcare. You also may be able to get back to a more normal everyday routine and feel more like yourself. Your ketamine treatment options may be adaptable over time and as your depression symptoms improve or change.  

For more info about ketamine treatment options, contact a local professional.